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I Love Madison Show

Nov 27, 2017

Welcome back to the I Love Madison show, where the goal is to help people living in Madison connect with great businesses, interests and other people! There is so much in this episode that you don’t want to miss! Neil Mathweg talks more about I Love Madison and the new ideas he is implementing, then features guest Jason Kotecki from Escape Adulthood to talk about the Adultitis Epidemic. Chris Sorenson shares a great meetup of the week, and Chris Reese talks to a local resident about his recent move to Madison. There is so much great stuff, thanks for listening to the I Love Madison Podcast! move to Madison. There is so much great stuff, thanks for listening to the I Love Madison Podcast!

More reasons to love living in Madison

Food is a great way to bring people together, so the team decided to host the Madison Food Tournament! Each month Neil Mathweg will choose a restaurant category to feature, then ask all of you I Love Madison listeners to submit your favorite restaurants. The submissions will be narrowed down to a top eight, then top two and a champion will be crowned! They can’t wait to launch this, so make sure you check them out on social media to learn more!

In episode one, Neil introduced the game of magnets, an interactive addition to the I love Madison show. Listeners can look for I Love Madison magnets around the city, take a picture of them and post them to social media to register those magnets. Each week during the show, Neil will give out prizes to the owners of randomly selected magnets. The game is about to launch, so you are going to want to get your magnet and keep an eye out for magnets around the city! Remember, you can register your magnets by using the hashtag #MadisonGOM for a chance to win some great prizes each week!

Meetup of the week with Chris Sorenson

This week, Chris features “Policy & Pints” on the meetup of the week. If you like discussing politics and drinking beer, this meetup is for you! The group started in 2015 and has grown to about 20 people. Liberals and conservatives alike can sit down for a round-table discussion over a beer. Often, a state representative will join the discussion. The group moves around to different establishments, so for more info and the next location where they are meeting, check out and search “Policy & Pints” in Madison.

A local’s perspective on Madison

This week, Chris Reese talks with David, a local resident who recently moved from Augusta Georgia to Madison. David had previously visited Madison a few years ago in the middle of winter. At that time, he had no interest in moving to here. Three years and one glorious August day later, David found himself loving everything Madison has to offer. He said he loves how electric the place feels, the fact that people are always out and about doing things around the city. From participating in local sports leagues to trying new restaurants with friends, there is always a sense of energy and endless things to do. David initially connected in Madison through a local church connection and now says he would love to see the rest of his family move to Madison. When Chris asked what his favorite thing in Madison is, David said: “Just being here.”

Cure adultitis with Neil Mathweg and Jason Kotecki

Neil’s featured guest this week is Jason Kotecki, an artist, author, and speaker who started a company called Escape Adulthood. Their mission is to annihilate Adultitis and help people create better lives and businesses. Jason says he loves to give people permission to have fun and remember what it’s like to be a kid. Neil and Jason talk about why finding “your tribe” is so important and how establishing these fun connections can improve the quality of your life. Jason also talks about a concept he calls a tinker project. The idea started after Jason realized he had not created any artwork for more than a year, so he set out to create 100 pieces of art. He didn’t focus on monetizing the project, he just created because he loves art. Jason said, “Oftentimes, our heart has reasons that our head takes a while to understand.” Neil shared that the I Love Madison show originally started out as a tinker project, inspired by Jason Kotecki.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:00] Neil introduces the Madison food tournament
  • [4:15] “Connect Madison” is looking for a new name
  • [5:15] Information about the upcoming launch of the game of magnets
  • [6:30] Meetup of the week with Chris Sorenson
  • [9:45] My move with Chris Reese
  • [19:30] Neil features Jason Kotecki from Escape adulthood
  • [23:45] The importance of finding your “Tribe”
  • [26:30] What is a tinker project
  • [29:45] Jason Kotecki is building Adultitis hospitals around the city

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